Gracias totales

Atardeció ese domingo repentinamente: la nieve se precipitaba en apuros.  Las nubes vestían de un ominoso gris tapando el atardecer ocre que se ahogaba en el horizonte.  La gente escurría a la casa. El tráfico cubría las carreteras.  Las hormigas multicolores en fila hacia la presa de comida.  Un invertido metamorphosis me temo en esta jungla de … Continue reading

Brazil: tierra del encanto y futebol

Brazil is indeed a beautiful country.  Its beauty cannot be conveyed with pastiche Zamba-Bossa Nova songs, postcard like panoramic photos, or even the joie de vivre of its residents who embraced everyone as Brazilian– one of its own.  The beauty is much more intangible than what meets the eye or quenches the soul.  After some … Continue reading

Why doctors get dehumanized?

I think the dehumanization of doctors begins in medical school. The clinical year to be precise. As I culminated the clinical year which is perhaps one of the most difficult times in a medical student’s career various things had crossed my mind.  Death.  Horror.  Pain. Powerlessness. Inability to emotionally take up everyone’s else baggage (no … Continue reading

Una navidad cualquiera

Buena pregunta–pensaba ella mientras yo veía al techo esperando una respuesta.  El techo del cuarto era pálido pero vislumbraba la pequeña pieza de Agnes mientras estábamos acostados en la cama, nuestros cuerpos tiernamente acariciándonos.  Era notable ese techo por la ausencia de algo indescriptible, como si faltaba una película proyectando hacia arriba, una pintura-escultura de … Continue reading

Medical futility and end of life care

Many people are unprepared for the calamities that illness can unload on individuals.  Simultaneously as doctors we are also confronted with situations in which the family’s wishes contradict what should and can be done in a given situation either by our personal beliefs as stewards of limited resources and our concept of life.  One of … Continue reading

Paternalism in Medicine

My patient was a Hispanic immigrant that presented with ascites secondary to terminal HCC and cirrhosis from chronic alcohol abuse and hepatitis B.  According to the documentation, he was not at capacity and worst, he was never told about his disease as the family had withheld the information for fear of precipitating his inevitable decline … Continue reading


Progress The fallen child of God looks on with her fire arrows and wings that extend as dull daggers to the periphery. She thrusts forward, engraved on a plate in the plane that divides reality and art, eternity and man, artist and mortal. A space we have forgotten to explore as we move millions of … Continue reading

Todo tiene su final

Todo tiene su final What a day! Exhausted, I rest on a stiff bed. I continued to hear faint echoes of music blaring, friends dancing dominoes clicking, guitars strumming, family singing, people leaving. I was the center of attention today as friends and family passed by to greet me the ones I abandoned but missed … Continue reading

After visiting Ward #6

After visiting Ward #6 “You are utterly ignorant of reality As I flip through the pages in my ward, and you have never known suffering, sanity wobbles back and forth, but have only like a leech fed with the force of a decaying battery beside the sufferings of others, tired of replenishing the movements of … Continue reading

(On being) Terminally ill

(On being) Terminally Ill The Knight lay still as rooks, bishops, and pawns come and go. Sterile white sheets drape the dark calluses and the scars on the feeble hooves of his horse and the knight’s legs hang off like twigs that flail around upon the terse suggestion of the wind. They say that the … Continue reading